The Poles: Maia Murphy, Colin Dickey, and Jessica Segall

27° F

February 15, 2014

For the 3rd installment of Winter Shack Maia Murphy discussed the subject of the cabin. The cabin has served as home and muse to Thoreau, The Unabomber, and countless others. But, when seclusion empties into confinement, one may become afflicted with Cabin Fever, as in the infamous case of Jack Torrence. She discussed the draw of the cabin, showed documentation of preserved cabins belonging to Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott and the Unabomber. This was followed by an interview taken by Jessica Segall in the north of Alaska discussing climate change with a native Alaskan and Colin Dickey’s talk entitled “The Melt of Grief” about aerial attempts to reach the North Pole.



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