Installment 4 | CineSauna


cinesauna final invite


First Session: February 14 at 7pm

Closing Session: March 7 at 7pm


Lauren Cannon is a purveyor and curator of mobile (or “moveable”) ideas, structures, and entrepreneurial pursuits. She is the founder of UpendED, a website and blog about mobile businesses. She is currently curating an exhibition on mobile entrepreneurship at Proteus Gowanus that opens on 2/28. When not chasing trucks, carts, and pop-ups, she can be found in a sauna.



A fourteen minute film program designed to screen within the “Sauna” with 1 minute animations by Nicole Antebi, Karl Erickson, Mike Estabrook, Kelly Gallagher, Jay Lizo, and Elizabeth Meyer


In order of appearance:

+01:00 Minute

“Prairie Visions” by Kelly Gallagher. Synopsis: With the advance of farming technology in the 1830s and 1840s, came the death of the rich and beautiful prairie lands.

+03:00 Minute

“Red Weather” This short experimental animation by Elizabeth Phelps-Meyer explores the dualism of the inner and the outer worlds. Using the color red, which often signifies a bodily interior, and projecting it out into the landscape and global weather patterns, I was seeking to visualize the collapse of this dualism. I also used the two extremes of the wetness and dryness of my materials as part of this exploration. Geothermal instability is evoked, along with the fecundity (that climate change threatens) in a sped-up world of fetal development, shifting tectonics, and quickly rising and setting suns. Winter Shack and the CineSauna more precisely – with the extremes of heat and cold, and the strong sense of inner and outer space that will be created, inspired these ideas.

“Bargello Magic” is a stop motion animation by Nicole Antebi turning needlework into pixels and borrowing imagery from the 1972 book of the same title authored by Pauline Fischer and Anabel Lasker.

+07:00 Minute

“Chromo Ocean Cleanser” This animation byJay Lizo was inspired by a combination of interests: Hiroshige’s fish prints, the Great Garbage Patch, and a brief experience with chromotherapy in a sauna in Northern Germany. Jay Lizo imagines the rejuvenation of body and soul coincided with the cleansing of the ocean by heroic fish. He imagines further that in a meditative state, great deeds can be accomplished.

+09:00 and 11:00 Minutes

“Forget Your Youth” and “Meditation Cubes for Rachel” Karl Erickson makes art that moves toward an ecstatic utopian ideal by creating experiences of confusion and separation from conventional modes of seeing. He believes that through this estrangement our thinking can be rearranged and reprogrammed so that an understanding can be reached for what is needed for humankind to be ready for a new stage of cultural, biological and psychological evolution.

+13:00 Minutes

“Lair of the Phantom Dandy” Animation by Mike Estabrook. 01:05secs. This work is the video component for the installation of the same name that took place in The ParisScope at Mixed Greens Gallery in Autumn, 2014. The work is a vision of Charles Baudelaire beset by demonic pests while his poem “La Destruction” is recited.


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