Installment 1 | Dead Horse Bay/Dead Garden


Bank UNY invite

January 24, 2014

32º F

A Brief History of Dead Horse Bay 

!UnderWater New York at Winter Shack Slide Show!

This article was presented as a theatrical reading by actor David Townsend
In conjunction with Underwater New York’s Deadhorse bay themed event Lara Bank invited visitors to bring out their dead. The Dead Garden was a cemetery honoring the flora that we have failed to cultivate in our urban landscapes. The audience was invited to place their deceased green friends in a casket pot made from reclaimed lumber, or return it from whence it came with a burial in hallowed ground. Donors could honor their dearly departed household vegetation with identifying information about the plant and/or themselves.

The Dead Garden was first produced by Lara Bank for High Desert Test Sites, Wonder Valley, CA, March 2014.



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