Installment 3 | Grey/Gray



Grey event


 February 7, 2105

40° F



For the first act of the Gray/Grey event artist Maria Hupfield activated Winter Shack with an industrial felt sculptural installations.  A gray felt light bulb plugging into a gray outlet. In this activated space, writer Bess Lovejoy read a portion of her essay about the many associations with the color gray, from gray hair to gray skies to gray aliens and the liminality of “gray zones”.  Born in the Pacific Northwest, she grew up surrounded by gray skies from birth, which she believed gave her insider knowledge about the color (or lack thereof).


For the second act of the Grey/Gray event artist Colin Stearns converted the shack into a SAD light installation to increase the audience’s limited sunshine and vitamin D levels. Within this light environment created by Stearns, composer Melissa Grey performed the sound piece “Grey Theta,” employing isochronic beats and sine waves.




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