Installment 2 | Shacks.Shacks.Shacks

shacksshacksshacks invite

January 31st

26º F

“Shacks.Shacks.Shacks” with A.N.Devers, Corina Kennedy, and Sara Majka, +

Without a room of her own, the writer A.N. Devers found herself obsessed with visiting dead writer’s houses — seeking insight into what conditions are necessary to create work. For this talk, Devers will related her own experience traveling to several writer’s shacks, including Dylan Thomas’s (pictured above), Edna St. Vincent Millay’s and Virginia Woolf’s, as she assembles gingerbread reconstructions of them.

Traditional Quebecois cabanes à sucre met Stephen King in Corina Kennedy’s installation “Sugar Shack”. The piece looked at the idea of being off-season. In the right place at the wrong time of year neither maple sap nor creative juices will flow and the fruits of one’s labor can be left unripened. Below a certain temperature, nothing can be extracted from a tree that is tapped too soon. Shut and snowed in, isolation sets in and the writer’s block won’t lift. Sugar Shack is the moment when the accumulation of his crumpled up sheets of paper start to rival that of the snow piling up outside.

Sara Majka read from her work and talk about her fascination with the Cape dune shacks.



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