The Bad Luck Hut: Governor’s Island

bad luck invite

The Bad Luck Hut was a temporary structure constructed by Nicole Antebi and Alex Branch from repurposed umbrellas discarded in the streets of new york city.

The Hut was installed on Governor’s Island for the Figment Festival during the summer of 2014 and served as a community gathering spot for the day.

People were invited to give lectures, perform readings and demonstrations.


Richard Penner

Corina Kennedy

Michelle Legro

Colin Stearns

Ben Miller

Ben Wurgaft

Aaron Beebe

Edgar Meza

Bess Lovejoy

Colin Dickey

Amina Cain

Amarnath Ravva

Stacy Elaine Dacheux

Karl Steel

Alex Branch

Meena Saleh

Chris Kallmyer

Nicole Antebi

The Winter Shack Broadside Alex Ariana Nicole Ben Aaron.psd


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